Medical coordination center

We offer contractual cooperation with top Czech and foreign health care facilities. We provide diagnostics of acute infectious diseases and serious hereditary diseases. Our highly qualified and experienced specialists ensure modern health care services and individual approach to each client.

We carry out our own research and development

Who are our services for?

Healthy client who wants stay in shape

• arrangement of preventive check-ups
• preventive diagnostics
• consultations to maintain healthy lifestyle
• suggestion of appropriate sport activity and dietary supplements

Client with chronic disease

• periodic control of correct and rational medication
• scheduling of medical check-ups
• measures to prevent progress and complications of disease
• suggestion of beneficial dietary supplements

Client with acute disease

• swift arrangement of necessary diagnostic examinations and specialized care
• priority admission in health care facilities
• analysis of results
• coordination of follow-up care convalescence

Services of Medical coordination center

Initial consultation

Upon filling the non-binding order form in, the consultation can be arranged personally or via Skype. The consultation includes evaluation of the state of health based on interview and medical reports and arrangement of medical services according to the state of health and requirements of client

Price: 21,- USD

Diagnostics of Alzheimer disease predispozition

• examination of short-term memory of seniors
• worksheets for training of memory and other cognitive functions
• consultations in the field of home care for families with a member with Alzheimer

Price: 10,- USD

Second eye expert opinions

Evaluation of all available medical reports and informations provided by the client and elaboration of an independent expert opinion.

Price: 9,- USD

Contact information

VivaVitalis office

Havelská 517/14,
Praha 1 - Old Town

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